When is payment due?

Payment is due on site upon completion of the job, once the customer is satisfied.

Do I need a new cistern if my toilet leaks?

If your cistern is made of vitreous china all parts within are replaceable. If your cistern is plastic it may be more cost affective to replace depending on age and make.

What can cause a toilet to block?

It can be a couple of things depending on the location and plumbing of the toilet. If on the ground floor it is most likely tree roots but could be a paper blockage commonly known as a soft blockage. If toilet is located on the second floor or above it is more likely to be a soft blockage. This could be paper or a foreign object. It is common for the toilet odorizer that clips on the side of your bowl to fall in and be flushed down the drain and become caught on the s trap or bend.

What do I need to consider when getting a new toilet suite?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a toilet suite to replace your existing suite. Firstly, is the waste pipe an S trap or P trap? Secondly, what is the set out of the waste pipe? This is the distance of the waste pipe from the wall to the center of the pipe or from the ground up to the center of the pipe. Thirdly, what is the entry point of the water? Is it a bottom or back inlet?

What do you do when servicing a tap?

There are three main things. First is cleaning and re-seating the seat. Second is pulling apart the spindle, replacing the “O” ring, cleaning the thread and re greasing. Third is supplying and installing a heavy duty washer.

How to know when your hot water service needs replacing or requires a service?

Water is leaking out of the hot water system.
The pilot light is not working or goes out often.
You are running out of hot water often.
The water pressure is low or changes continuously.
The system is making rumbling or banging sounds.
The water temperature keeps changing.
The water is rusty or has sediment in it.
No hot water is coming out of taps or water is cold.

What are your work hours?

Our work hours are 7am-4pm.

Do you offer after hours plumbing works?

Our company is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all emergency works.

How offen should my gutters be cleaned?

Many people believe regular gutter cleans are unnecessary, however we recommend that they are thoroughly cleaned 1-2 times per year.

Do you do little jobs?

No job is too small. Our priority is long-term relationships with our customers. From little things, big things grow.

What is the difference between stormwater and sewer system?

Your properties sewer system is made up of all the pipes from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Your storm water system is made up of the gutters, downpipes, pits and drains that collect and carry rainwater away from your house.

What is a high pressure jetter?

A high pressure jet unit is a specialised piece of machinery that use high pressure water to clean drains weather it be sewer or stormwater to break through tree roots or soft blockages.

What is the benefits of CCTV?

CCTV cameras are a great tool for the plumbing trade. We can get eyes on the drain to see the causes of the issue.